Thursday, December 17, 2009

Fulcrum to St Magnus

The second of a series of architecture and exercise trails in London's square mile.

The second City Slet on 13th December started at Broadgate and ended down by the river near St Magnus the Martyr and the site of the old London Bridge taking us 1hr.

Start Richard Serra's sculpture Fulcrum, Broadgate - brisk walk to Finsbury Circus - exercise in bandstand and on wall opposite Edwin Landseer Lutyens Britannic House – jog out onto London Wall pass the Hall of Carpenters Guild - turn down Great Winchester Street and under the NatWest Tower – jog out on to Bishopsgate cross over down Great St. Helen’s in front of St. Helen’s Courtyard – then round to the Gherkin and Holland House – turn left down St. Mary Axe to Lloyds building - double back to Fen Court to slavery memorial sculpture – jog down Mincing Lane to St Dunstan’s Garden – down St Mary At Hill past The Watermen & The Lighterman Hall – cross Lower Thames Street onto the Thames Path towards London Bridge past Old Billingsgate Fish market – then to small garden on right and St Magnus Martyr – run up steps to raised terrace over-looking the Thames.

To explore a new patch of the square mile join us for City Slet 03 in January. Please sign up

Friday, December 4, 2009

City Slet 02

Telecom workers exercise, US, date unknown

You are invited to join City Slet 02

11.30am -12.30pm
Sunday 13 December 2009

Meet at Richard Serra's Fulcrum sculpture
Eldon Street
London EC2
Nearest tube: Liverpool Street

City Slet 02 is the second of a series of architecture and exercise trails
in London's square mile.

Please be advised this exercise trail is for adults of moderate fitness as
we will jog between architectural sites. The trail will end near Monument.
Free but booking essential as places are limited
Please RSVP to

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Scissor Slet

Collages made on a rainy day.
We used found material left by an anonymous foot fetishist who visited our Slet exhibition at the Sainsbury Centre for Visual Art, Norwich.

Photos: Jonnie Bassett

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Fitnik Future

We had a dream – Fitnik – an interactive model village designed to be used as an outdoor gymnasium, a zone for communal and non-competitive exercise.

Designed specifically for physical interaction Fitnik would consist of scaled-down models of iconic architecture.

The exercise zone would have its own village green used for communal synchronised exercise with Slet instruction broadcast from integrated speakers or MP3 downloads...

City Slet 01

City Slets are jogging routes linking sites of architectural interest. On route we perform synchroinised exercises and learn more about buildings in the square mile.

The first of our City Slets on 8th November started at Postman's Park and ended in the Barbican taking us 1hr 10 mins.

Start Postman’s Park - jog up over to Museum of London - descend grim staircase down to old city wall - explore herb garden of the Barber-Surgeons' Hall - up modern staircase to walk way leading you through to old Midland Bank and Alphage Tower - descend stairs to the Salter’s Hall to gardens - back up the stairs passing the bottom of Alphage Tower - jog over walk down to the Charted Insurance Institute to the Brewers' Hall in Aldermanbury Square - pass under 5 Aldermanbury Square designed by Eric Parry Architects to ‘bears claws’ - turn left onto Wood Street opposite Richard Roger’s Daiwa Building - pass police station take first left down Love Lane once known for its brothels - to Guildhall trace outline of Roman amphitheatre - down side street onto the Girdler’s Hall, Basinghall Avenue - turn onto Coleman Street - cross road over to Moorfields Street - up escalators of Moorgate entrance to Barbican Centre - through disused office blocks - follow Speed Walk to Beech Gardens, Bryer Court

Over course of the next three months we will be doing three more City Slets in the square mile. Sign up for our next Slet

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Introduction to Slet

Welcome to our Slet architecture and exercise blog. Traditionally, a slet is a mass display of Czech Sokol exercises and also means ‘a flocking of birds.’ Our Slet project recreates Sokol routines for contemporary reuse and trains groups of particpants to perform synchronised exercises at sites of modern architecture.

Slet explores the visual and social possiblities of exercising together outdoors and is a continuation of Modernist ideals that link healthy living with the aesthetics of the built environment. Each Slet event is dedicated to an architect associated with a specific site. Documentation of Slet events is used as source material for future artworks, videos and installations for exhibition.

Sokol was founded in 1862 by Dr. Miroslav Trys as an egalitarian cultural movement for Czech people of all ages, sex, race and religion to exercise together. Czech immigrants spread Sokol around the world to become an international movement, which continues today.

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Our slets to date:

Slet for Foster
Sainsbury Centre for Visual Art, Norwich
June 2008

Slet for Lubetkin
Finsbury Health Centre, London
October 2008

Slet for Corbusier
Barbican Centre, London
March 2009

Slet for Marten
Tooting Bec Lido, London
August 2009

Slet for Hepworth
Walthamstow Town Hall, London
September 2009

Further images from past slets are archived at