Thursday, December 17, 2009

Fulcrum to St Magnus

The second of a series of architecture and exercise trails in London's square mile.

The second City Slet on 13th December started at Broadgate and ended down by the river near St Magnus the Martyr and the site of the old London Bridge taking us 1hr.

Start Richard Serra's sculpture Fulcrum, Broadgate - brisk walk to Finsbury Circus - exercise in bandstand and on wall opposite Edwin Landseer Lutyens Britannic House – jog out onto London Wall pass the Hall of Carpenters Guild - turn down Great Winchester Street and under the NatWest Tower – jog out on to Bishopsgate cross over down Great St. Helen’s in front of St. Helen’s Courtyard – then round to the Gherkin and Holland House – turn left down St. Mary Axe to Lloyds building - double back to Fen Court to slavery memorial sculpture – jog down Mincing Lane to St Dunstan’s Garden – down St Mary At Hill past The Watermen & The Lighterman Hall – cross Lower Thames Street onto the Thames Path towards London Bridge past Old Billingsgate Fish market – then to small garden on right and St Magnus Martyr – run up steps to raised terrace over-looking the Thames.

To explore a new patch of the square mile join us for City Slet 03 in January. Please sign up

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