Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Circus to Temple

City Slet 04, the fourth of a series of architecture and exercise trails in London's square mile.

The fourth of our City Slets on 28th March started at Holborn Circus and ended at Middle Temple taking us about 1hr.

Starting from outside St Andrews on Holborn Circus head down New Fetter Lane to New Street Square – exit top of square and down Stonecutter St. turning left onto Farringdon Rd - pass Dorothy Annan’s murals running towards Holborn Viaduct - take stairs on left up onto viaduct cross over and down stairs on other side back down onto Farringdon road again – cross over take right up Charterhouse St. - running up side of Smithfields market – turn right into the Grand Avenue, the heart of the old market – pass through and out other side - turn right onto West Smithfield then down Smithfield St. and left up Snow Hill - cross Holborn Viaduct through to City Thameslink into Fleet Place - taking the lower left exit of square onto Old Bailey - turn right towards Ludgate Hill - cross road and down Black Friars Lane - opposite the Apothecaries Hall double back on yourself by turning right down a passage with Rupert Spira wall tiles – run down steps at end crossing New Bridge Street - run down Bride Lane to St Brides - turn left out onto St Brides Passage pass through the Lytens building turning right onto Salisbury Court, then left onto Fleet Street – turn left again into Hood Court a white tiled court yard - exit to the right onto Whitefriars St cross road run through another courtyard out onto Bouverie St - turn left running down towards the river take right up Tudor St and into Inner Temple through to Temple Churn and then to Middle Temple ending at the fountain.

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